What’s On at Bath Archers in 2024

Scheduled Events

  • Open Day (Sunday 7 Apr)
    This marks the start of the outdoor season and is a good excuse to get together. National rounds (6 dozen) are shot and there is an opportunity to relax with a picnic afterwards.
  • Albion Tournament (Sunday 14 Apr)
    This is one of the Open tournaments we run (Albion Rounds) and has a long history. A great way to start the summer season.
  • South Wilts Lalique - Home (Sunday 19 May)
    Reinstated after a gap but cancelled due to bad weather in 2023, this is a match between Bath and South Wilts.
  • Bath Novices Tournament (Saturday 15 Jun)
    This is a 6-dozen round for our members and local clubs, for people who have not taken part in a tournament before.
  • Double Dutch Clog (Saturday 6 Jul)
    An unusual shoot with a bespoke round and strange scoring - 3 dozen at 60 metres and 3 dozen at 50 yards. The prize is a ceramic clog from when this was a competition with a Dutch club.
  • BA Club Handicap Championships (Sunday 7 Jul)
    A 6 dozen round open to all club members; this is a handicap shoot with trophies etc. and is followed by…
  • AGM (Sunday 7 Jul)
    Our annual review and decision-making forum; it is important that you attend to ensure that your club is doing the things that it needs to do for you. Where possible the meeting is after the annual handicap championships, will include a buffet and will be at a venue that allows or sells alcohol.
  • Presidents Fun Shoot (Saturday 3 Aug)
    An afternoon shoot with novelty targets using low poundage training bows for unusual prizes, held on behalf of our President.
  • Hereford Tournament (Sunday 11 Aug)
    This is one of the Open tournaments we run and has a long and prestigious history. The main prize is a solid silver replica Armada jug.
  • BA Club Championships (Sunday 15 Sep)
    This is on actual scores only (no handicap allowances) for a set of 12 dozen rounds (York, Hereford, Bristol). In 2024, we will return to the full distance York/Hereford) and plus rounds for members classifying as over 50.
  • Cheltenham - Ashes - Away (Sunday 22 Sep)
    Reinstated in 2023 this is a match between Bath and Cheltenham Archers. This year it will be at Cheltenham.
  • Longbow Tournament (Sunday 6 Oct)
    This 2-way longbow only tournament is one of the Open tournaments we run. It has a long history and is very popular.
  • Philip Simmons Memorial Shoot (Saturday 26 Oct)
    This is in remembrance of our long-time president, Philip Simmons - a dedicated longbow archer with a big-hearted, generous character. Prizes are only for longbows, but all bow types are welcome. The trophy is a beautiful, mounted, pewter tankard.
  • Fireworks + Warwick + Soup (Sunday 3 Nov)
    Starts with a Warwick 40 round, followed by food and hot drinks and concludes with a Fireworks display.
  • Christmas Fun Shoot (Saturday 7 Dec)
    Novelty targets using training bows for unusual prizes. Includes a Christmas Pudding Clout Shoot - nearest the pud wins!

During the Year

  • Coaching Sessions.
    Sessions cover shooting, equipment, and personal form etc. Some sessions are for specific subjects (e.g. bow tuning, shooting form, tournament prep). Must be booked through the Coaching Organiser contact form on our website.
  • Taster Sessions.
    April to September for people who want to try archery. Sessions are run by the Tasters Organiser and volunteers. Booking is through our website.
  • Beginners Courses.
    Throughout the summer months, for people who want to learn how to shoot. Training is by club coaches and volunteers. Booking is through our website.
  • Frostbite Competition.
    A postal interclub competition in the winter months. 3 dozen arrows at 30m, shooting at an 80cm target face and 10 zone scoring. Everybody who completes the round receives a Frostbite badge.
  • Sylvia May Memorial Competition.
    Specific Metric rounds shot in February, March, and April with trophies for the winners. Information will be sent out in January.
  • Pamela Durban Memorial Competition.
    Specific National rounds shot in April, May, and June with trophies for the winners. Information will be sent out in March.
  • Two-way longbow evenings.
    Thursday evenings during the summer months are set aside to allow our longbow archers to practice 2-way shooting at 60 yards. No other shooting.

Throughout the Year

  • Committee Meetings.
    First Monday of most months. These allow the committee to run the club throughout the year. Any club member can attend (in person or on Zoom during the winter).
  • Newsletters.
    Throughout the year we will be sending out Newsletters and Monthly What’s On sheets to keep you in touch with what’s going on.
  • Saturday/Sunday Afternoon Shoots.
    Our regular weekend shoots together as a club; you can choose to shoot any 6-dozen round, under the control of a field captain.
    New - some afternoons may have preferred rounds – e.g. 8-dozen (Western) or World Archery (Metric). You can still shoot a National or other round if you wish.
  • Monthly Handicap Shoot.
    Once a month as shown in the calendar. This is our Saturday/Sunday shoot but with awards for improving your handicap. The highest handicap adjusted score is awarded a medal.
  • 252 Awards.
    We run a version of the 252 Awards to help you improve your outdoor skills (details are on the wall in the clubhouse). To gain a 252 badge (purchased from the club) you shoot 36 arrows at set distances to beat a set score.
  • Club Shoots (Bowman Classification Shoots).
    As shown in the diary (Tues, Wed, Sat, Sun). These conform to the AGB requirements for a Bowman Classification score claim.
  • Field Shooting.
    On the second Saturday of every month there is a shoot at our field course in the woods at Hunstrete (between Bath and Bristol).
  • Work Parties.
    Called as needed to maintain the club's equipment and infrastructure.

Extra Events

Some of these were run in 2023* and may be repeated in this year; others are new events being considered for 2024. More information later in the year.

  • Field Captain Training*
  • Clout Training*
  • Field Taster Day*
  • Head-to-Head*
  • Post Christmas Dinner and Awards
  • Wand Shoot
  • Family Fun Day
  • Challenge Yourself Day
  • Flight Taster Session
  • Try a different Style Session
  • Club field Championships

Final Note

As you can see, we run an impressive number of events and activities.

This can only be achieved by our volunteers – Committee Members, Event Organisers, Tournament Organisers, the Coaching Team and everyone who gives up their own time to help organise and run things for the club.

Over the next few months we will be looking at what events we can run in the future and are always looking for volunteers willing to help. If you'd like to support your club and get involved with any of these events, please let the Committee know. No prior experience is required and plenty of help and resources are available.

See the club diary for latest dates, times etc. For most events you can click on the entry in the Club Diary to find out more.