Trophy Gallery

Annual Bath 2-Day WA1440 Tournament

Round: Gents – 3 dozen at 90m, 70m, 50m & 30m. Ladies – 3 dozen at 70m, 60m, 50m & 30m

Month: April

Annual Bath Hereford Tournament

Round: 6 dozen at 80 yards, 4 dozen at 60 yards & 2 dozen at 50 yards

Month: August

Double Dutch Clog Trophy

Round: 3 dozen at 60m and 3 dozen at 50yds

Month: August

Philip Simmons Memorial Trophy

Round: National - longbow Archers

Month: October

Open Day Trophies

Round: 6 dozen (with handicap adjusted scores)

Month: First Sunday in April

Winter Handicap Shoot for Sylvia May Trophy

Round: 3 Rounds (see below) shot on either Saturday or Sunday afternoons, with best score for the month being used.

January: Ladies - Short National, Gents - National

February: Ladies - National, Gents - Long National

March: Ladies - Long National, Gents - New National

Medals awarded for 3 and 6 Gold End

Round: Various

Month: Year round

The colour of ribbon indicates the distance at which the end was achieved (see image for details).

Awards given at the Annual General Meeting

Month: Awarded at the AGM in February

Club Medals

Used for Club Competitions such as the Open Day, Club Championships, Monthly Handicap.