As a club we exist to provide facilities for our members, but we do like to promote our sport so during the summer months we find ways to let people try archery.

In the past we have provided have-a-go sessions at Fairs and Fetes, however we are not a commercial organisation and a few members have been giving up their own time and transport to support these events, so we have reluctantly decided that we can no longer accept requests for have-a-gos, other than through a club member who is willing to sponsor and organise our presence at the event.

We realise that this may be a disappointment for people who just want to see if our sport is suitable for them without committing to a course of lessons, so we have made some changes to the way in which we provide have-a-go opportunities; please see below.

Taster Sessions 2019

As well as being fun, taster session are a great introduction to our sport and will help you decide whether archery is for you. We will teach you how to shoot, tell you about our sport, provide refreshments and may even have a short competition. This year sessions will be held at our shooting ground at Batheaston on the following dates:

  • Saturday April 20th
  • Saturday May 18th
  • Saturday July 13th
  • Saturday August 17th
  • Saturday September 21st

Suitable for anyone aged 12 or older (must be accompanied for the whole session by a parent or guardian if 18 or under), the session starts at 9.45 and ends at 12.15 and costs £20 per person, reducing to £17.50 per person for groups of 3 or more booked at the same time. This includes refreshment, equipment loan and tuition. For more information please email us from the contact page.

Beginner Lessons 2019

Please visit our webpage for all the information about Beginner lessons here